Skillful fingerwork from Judith ann Braun. Check out more at:


Saw this film a while back. Recommend it to anyone who likes a good dose of tension and desperation where things go from bad to worse.

Skyfall Xperia Softdrink

In a stunt to promote the Sony Xperia, film-goers attending the opening of new Bond film Skyfall in Stockholm were given a free soft drink on entering the cinema. Then some of those drinks started to ring...

Agency CP+B organised the stunt to promote the Sony Xperia acro S, a waterproof smartphone. As the audience were going in to watch the film, they were offered a free fizzy drink, some of which contained a phone. A specially-made ad then explained what was going on:

PETA: firm and fresh

Fallon's Stay Firm and Fresh ad for PETA promotes the idea that going veggie does wonders for your sex drive.


Previously a Senior Type Designer at Monotype Imaging, he developed custom typefaces for clients including British Airways, Waitrose, The Daily Telegraph, H&M and Barclays.

He is also responsible for such typefaces as Soho Gothic, Neo Sans and Soho.